Because Every Dog Deserves a Statement Piece

As fashion month winds down, it’s obvious that there are two kinds of fashion lovers. There are those who love fashion because it’s a visual representation of personal style, seeking out showpieces and dreaming up outfits that sartorially stand out for the endless sea of street-style photographers. Then there are those who love fashion for the incredible workmanship, innovative design and sumptuous fabrics that are created with the same painstaking care as the garment itself. Their wardrobe is understated and refined yet holds a gravitas in quality that underscores every piece. Canine Royalty is of the latter camp. Believing that our pets deserve the best in dog fashion, our brand is timeless, modern and prides itself on impeccable construction with the finest materials.

Ultimately, we don’t parade our pets in gimmicky getups for the sake of style. We indulge them in beautifully crafted pieces that stand the test of time in both fashion and function. 

Raising the bar on dog apparel, Canine Royalty is on par with some of the world’s best fashion brands. Instead of using the same manufacturers that mass-produce for the dog apparel industry (often cheap and synthetic products), we enlist designers, manufacturers and fabric mills that produce for established luxury houses. Our designer’s portfolio highlights Ralph Lauren Collection where she designed sophisticated, luxurious knitwear for a number of years. As for manufacturing, it’s no secret that the Scots know a thing or two about sweaters and how to make them and we are proud to have found a cashmere purist from Scotland who operates out of the US and welcomed the challenge to produce for Canine Royalty. What ties all the expertise together is the best cashmere and wool yarns utilized in every piece. We source our material from the premier Italian mill Millefile known for producing the finest cashmere yarn.

Every step of a Canine Royalty piece is well thought out and incorporates the most exceptional of what the fashion industry offers. Inspired from our own investment pieces like a Burberry trench for example, our dog sweaters and jackets are meant to be worn with puppy panache and cherished season after season. Canine Royalty is for pets and pet owners who appreciate quality over quantity, who dignify their little ones with tasteful treats (from clothing to edibles) and hold a discerning standard for aesthetics and utility in equal measure.

Infusing a bit of the Old Guard in how we approach style, there is no such thing as inflicting the human notion of “fashion victim” and costumes onto our canine companions. It’s all about classic appeal, time-honored tradition and wearable outerwear for every picture-perfect dog walk now until forever.

Cameras optional but recommended!