Viva la Frenchie!

In fashion, photography matters. 

With the right subject and setting, photography should evoke an emotion and help provide an important connection to the designs themselves. 

Photography plays an integral role in the Canine Royalty brand.  As we enlist designers, manufacturers and fabric mills that produce for established luxury houses, we want to also emulate the luxury brand experience by paying equal attention to how our product is captured. 

We recently completed a photography session for our new bedding collection (coming soon) that prominently features a beautiful and gregarious French bulldog who, despite all the peanut butter and squeaky toys one dog could imagine, didn’t want to sit still.  Thanks to our amazing photographer Kaylee Greer, his activity level didn’t matter much.  She has a knack for firing a million shots of a  dog in action, making it appear effortless and as though the dog posed patiently for that moment. 

 The photos are incredible, and it was recommended by our photographer to choose the French bulldog breed for our shoot, as she  was of the opinion they’re incredibly  popular and dog lovers would relate. Boy was she right! 






[Bedding collection photo shoot courtesy of Canine Royalty(TM)]

This year, the French Bulldog seized the  top spot in the American Kennel Club's (AKC®) 2014 rankings of New York City's most popular AKC-recognized dog breeds.  In fact,  if you find yourself strolling around NYC these days, you are sure to come across a French bulldog and an owner who can extol the virtues of this wonderful dog.

One of those owners is Jaime Getto, whose one-and-a-half year old French bulldog Royce has become an Internet sensation and has no problem posing in front of the camera.  With over 16,000 followers on Instagram, Royce the Frenchie has gained quite the social media presence, leaving those that follow him tuning in to see what he’s doing - and wearing - on any given day.

“Many people always ask how he became so popular.  I knew I was about to get a really cute french bulldog, and that my personal Instagram account would be filled with puppy photos, so I opened an account for Royce to share his photos with my friends and brands started reposting his photos,” said Jaime.  “And here we are, approaching 20K followers at just about a year later.”

As far as his style goes, it varies according to Jaime, who likes to keep it simple for Royce in the summer months - which in Manhattan can get HOT! -  with a bow-tie or bandana.  Post-summer, however, Jaime enjoys shopping for Royce in the city which she says is filled with so many great boutiques, dapper dogs and inspiration.

“Winters in NYC can be brutal, so it’s essential to bundle up and layers provide the perfect opportunity to show off some style,” she adds.  In fact, Royce’s Instagram profile describes him as a Frenchie with “incredi-bull” style.

[Sharing the spotlight with the humans. Left to right: Allyson Taylor, Buddy (Royce’s brother), Royce the Frenchie, Jaime Getto. Photo courtesy of StylePup]

Royce the Frenchie is in fact so popular that he recently headlined a benefit for the New York Humane Society,  held recently at the Shelburne NYC, an Affinia Hotel.  The rooftop event raised over $2,500 for homeless dogs and included a “VIPaws Lounge” and an inflatable pool for attendees of the four-legged variety.

“We've always loved the pet-friendliness of Affinia Hotels,” said Jaime.  “Royce has even enjoyed a nice, cold doggy beer in the lobby of The Shelburne. We were planning a photoshoot on the rooftop of the hotel with our friend and awesome photographer, Emmy Park of StylePup, but decided to approach Affinia with a different concept that was a dog Party on the roof to benefit the Humane Society of NY.”

According to Jaime, it felt great to be able to channel Royce's social following for an amazing cause. “The Humane Society of NY does so much to help dogs and cats in need. From nursing them back to health to finding them a forever home. We were excited to help support their efforts,” she added. 

We confess - we are a huge fan of Royce the Frenchie and look forward to his continued adventures on Instragram.


[Sun’s out, tongue’s out. Frenchies of instagram unite! Left to right: @Roycethefrenchie, @vincenzopepito, @thedailywalter. Courtesy of StylePup]

[Royce is ready to step & repeat on the red carpet. Photo courtesy of StylePup]

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