Exquisite fabrics. Precise construction. Modern Design. These are the core tenets behind Canine Royalty(TM), a new clothing and accessories brand born out of our love for dogs and desire to provide distinctive canine fashion of uncompromising quality.

Launched in 2014, Canine Royalty seeks to raise the bar in fashion and accessories for dogs by bringing to our line the same exceptional commitment to excellence and craftsmanship found across today’s most trusted apparel brands for people.

Here you will find coveted classics reimagined for the canine set. Our exclusive line of clothing is made only from the finest fabrics and produced in small batches. The Canine Royalty aesthetic is both modern and timeless in its appeal.

The ultimate in luxury, our signature Pure Collection is impeccably crafted in the US and consists of 100 percent cashmere sweaters that are designed to delight in classic knits set against a natural palette of earthy tones. Our cashmere is sourced from a leading Italian mill known for its production of only the finest cashmere.

From substantial shawl collars to the peacoat, our Merino Collection draws its inspiration from cozy, iconic fashions that only wool can achieve. This premium line of sweaters and jackets are made of the finest 100 percent Merino wool and wool/cashmere blends that are designed to produce a luxuriously soft hand feel.


Because Every Dog Deserves a Statement Piece

August 15, 2017

As fashion month is well underway, it’s obvious that there are two kinds of fashion lovers. There are those who love fashion because it’s a visual representation of personal style, seeking out showpieces and dreaming up outfits that sartorially stand out for the endless sea of street-style photographers. Then there are those who love fashion for the incredible workmanship, innovative design and sumptuous fabrics that are created with the same painstaking care as the garment itself. Their wardrobe is understated and refined yet holds a gravitas in quality that underscores every piece. Canine Royalty is of the latter camp. Believing that our pets deserve the best in dog fashion, our brand is timeless, modern and prides itself on impeccable construction with the finest materials.
Spring Doggy Style: No-Sweat Sweater Weather

August 15, 2017

It’s finally spring and dogs everywhere are rejoicing. With the long winter behind, the days of freezing, hurried walks around the block give way to leisurely strolls prolonged by soaking in all of the blooming bliss a warmer season brings.  It’s time to pack up their winter doggy clothes and bring out the lighter gear. Summer is on our heels and with that brings a whole new set of wardrobe conundrums for dogs and humans alike.


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